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Making things
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Getting excited about making things again.

I always feel guilty about doing things at home that I enjoy when there is so much I SHOULD be doing. But I am slowly getting to the point where the big jobs are sort of sorted out. The loft is completely sorted and minimal. Our clothes are all in drawers and boxes, ready for a wardrobe when we fit that. The kitchen and bathroom has been paired down to things we actually need / use.

My side projects are still there but I can see the end in site and once they are done then I am freeeeeeee!

I have so so so much fabric that I need to use up. So that is the first priority. That and all the old bits of keyboards etc. But when they are gone, I want to try some new bits and bobs. I know what sells now so I am going to target school Xmas fairs as they usually get a good turn out.

There's also the possibility that I may get some voice over work. I'm not hopeful as it's vey well paid and I NEVER get well paid gigs. But if I did it would mean the ability to over pay on the mortgage and a buffer in case anything goes wrong. Our gutters need doing sooner rather than later and 100 year old cast iron is never going to be a quick fix.

Life is pretty good in other ways. I'm hoping to get a bit fitter. Stu is up for going on long walks etc now summer is gone.

I love this time of year for that.

We've found a not well used foot path round a local lake / flooded brick pit and we've decided to do it up a bit. Pick up litter and cut the branches back. At the moment it seems to be only fishermen and drunks that use it, so I'm claiming it back. There are some really lovely spots down there if you ignore the road noise from the Parkway.

Oh Peterborough.


Good things
Owls and Bats

We went camping and had fun. We also went to Peterborough Arts Festival and saw a huge group of blue men throwing oil barrels around, playing rock music and parading right through the city centre. It was a spectacle not normally seen in this city so lots of fun to run along behind. I just wish the arts trust would advertise these events a bit more. Every time I go to any event, I always see the same faces. I'm a huge believer in art as a means to change the path of a city. Look at the Albert Dock in Liverpool and how that has helped the city in the last 20 years. But it only works if you engage with the greater population. Putting a bunch of jugglers in a field and not spending any money on marketing is just never going to work.

Today we are continuing to sort out the house. All the camping stuff has been sorted out and the loft is completely tidy now. The spare room is almost tidy now, we've got rid of lots of clothes to the charity shop. I would say we are almost ready to get the big wardrobe fitted. Our room still needs work, including the windows that still haven't been fitted. But it is getting there.

I want to get the garden and back room ready for winter next. We need to get the chimney swept in October and then we will be ready for some cosy nights.

One great thing that happened when we were camping is that we walked up a pretty big hill (534m) and it was much harder work than Stu expected it to be. I think deep down he has always felt he was still fit. Even though he was aware of his weight gain since leaving the army. He's now finally FINALLY accepted he needs to do something about it. So we are going to try and go on long walks in the evenings and bike rides as well.

I am thrilled about this as his family history is terrible for heart disease. It would also be nice to have a slightly thinner husband.

Yeah that's it really.

I shall try and be more exciting next time haha.


Kendal Calling
Owls and Bats

Went to Kendal Calling. There were mountains and music. My legs really really hurt now and I have to go to work today.

Was very fun though. I want to go camping again soon :)

You know how there is always that friend who you never hear from except when something is on offer? I have one of those and she came with us. She's got ADHD so I always feel awful when she annoys me. She also has very low self esteem so I can never have a go when she's being selfish because she will burst into tears.

She is selfish a lot. Except it is never consciously done. She just doesn't seem to think.

She'd never been to a festival before, but if you go to a big event with someone, would you expect to go around said event with them or bugger off on your own without even seeing what their plans were?

I don't go into friendships because I expect stuff of them, but there should be give and take surely?

The thing is. It's gotten to a point now that if she ever did actually put the effort in and call me to see if I wanted to hang out / go to the cinema / something, I'd just see it as work.

Is it terrible not to want to be friends with someone who really likes you because they are just so much effort? And just so socially inept?

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Mission for Today
Owls and Bats

It is bin day. Which is great because both the recycling bin and the garden bin are full to bursting. I am incredibly lucky to be able to recycle as much as I can here in Ptown. And to have wheely bins rather than faffing with plastic bags etc. But my sorting and tidying has gone into overdrive so I need them empty so that I can refill them as I have so much stuff waiting to go out.

I also have mega gardening to do today and will probably fill my brown bin again from that alone.

Today's main mission is to re-arrange the spare room. This involves painstakingly moving boxes which will allow me to move other boxes, which will allow me to shift a chest of drawers. The end game is to have the wall where our new wardrobe will be clear. But also to go through all the clothes I encounter on the way.

Then lunch in town, which means charity shop dropping off as well.

This whole being a housewife thing is rather nice. But only as a temporary novelty ;)


Winter is coming...
Owls and Bats

But for now I'm just sat here feeling like I have achieved big things today because I have recently put a bra on.

Things are going pretty good in my world. Job continues to go well. I am expecting to have quite a silly time in Sandringham reporting on the media scrum when it arrives.

I was due to take 4 days off this week to get my windows replaced and catch up on ALL the home improving, cleaning, administrative and reorganising gubbins that has been building up nicely.

Whether this will happen depends on the Royal Family though.

Tomorrow I'm off to do a car boot sale. This should clear a lot of stuff I hope. If not then it will go to the charity shop on Monday.

I also plan go get rid of a LOT of my winter clothing and then replace it at charity shops over the next few months.

My biggest thing is that I have no idea what state my finances are in at the moment. I need to sit down and work out where I'm up to and what I should be concentrating on.

Our master plan is to pay off as much of the mortgage here in the next few years as is humanly possible and then move North again. But we will have to see how that works out - life may well get in the way.

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Being a housewife
Owls and Bats

We are getting new windows in a week's time.

I'm taking 4 days off to be in the house while it happens. I am really really looking forward to this.

I love my job, and I love my projects on the side, but it's all meant my house and garden are in a serious state of disrepair. 4 days of having people in the house will mean I can't laze about and will have to get on with things like, sorting all my direct debits out and unlocking my internet banking, washing all the bedding in the house and taking duvets etc to dry cleaners, going through all my bras and getting rid of the ones that no longer fit or are too old, emptying and cleaning the fish tank ready for new fish.

It will also mean a change of pace, which I am sure will do me good.

I'm sick of never having time off to do nothing. When I do, I seem to have a headache which is getting pretty annoying now.

I would hate to be stuck at home forever, but I am very jealous of those who get the option to.


So close to being done!
Owls and Bats

I have one more interview to transcribe on my freelance project, and then some shifting about of chapters and I am done.

I can't wait for it to be finished. Mostly because I then get to have guilt free time off.

I've got tonnes of other stuff to do but I'm going onto the breakfast shift next week so that will hopefully give me some time to catch up on things like, dentists, doctors, internet banking admin and all the other rubbish that I never get round to.

Also it will be very nice to get paid. I'm going to buy a new macbook. I say new, when I clearly mean second hand. But new to me, and newer than the one I have.

I've been looking at mortgage calculators and have concluded that the dream (£350k) houses I'm seeing on Rightmove must stay in my dreams. Unless we pay off the mortgage on this house completely in the next 2 years, the payments on a lump that big would be crippling. Considering we are not due to finish paying for this till Stu is 65, lets's just assume it's not happening. Won't stop me trying though. It is all about the deposit.

Perhaps I will buy a Euromillions ticket tomorrow.

After I have done this freelance project, and re-written our freelancer bible at work, and rebuilt the website of my crafty group, and had some time where I come home from my day job and then do nothing on my weekends but fun things.... then I may start thinking about paid writing again. Something I have always wanted to do but never done is games journalism. But we shall see. I have a couple of ideas but I'd have to see if anyone was interested.

For now though I just need to get some sleep.



New Car, New Adventures
Owls and Bats

I bought a car this week. It's 2.5 years old and white, which I am informed is SOHotRightNow.

I get to pick it up on Wednesday. I was going to pay the whole thing with credit but then my gran died. So she's paid for the vast majority of it. Thanks granny.

My granny never learned to drive. She said she could never see the point of going all the way round a roundabout if you could see it was clear, so would just drive round it the wrong way to get where she wanted. After that my Grandpa refused to teach her.

But it means I can do things like:
Take stuff to the recycling centre / tip
Do car boot sales
Visit family and friends when Stu is working

It's going to be very cool.

The big clear out continues.

I think the car will help with this too as I have an extra HOUR at home in the morning and half to a whole hour extra at night. I will also drive past a charity shop on the way in so can load bags of stuff to go.

Stu has got into the swing of being more ruthless. He's happy to get rid of army stuff, and old medical books.

By mid month I will have freelancers so I can take time off and get my writing finished and after that I'll be back crafting.

It's all win!

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Dead Things...
... Keep appearing.

Yesterday Lucy (my cat, not my choice of name) was playing with a small bird of some kind when I woke up. This morning there is a very small dead mouse by my bedroom door. She hasn't said anything about it, but I know it wasn't me who left it there.

I'm trying to work out why she does it, so I can persuade her not to.

Sure, I could keep her in so she could get bored and meow all night and bother the Degus and destroy things, but cats like to explore and I think it's cruel to keep her locked up in a couple of rooms when she could wander about and climb things outside. She has a collar with a bell, which if nothing else should hopefully reduce her success rate.

She doesn't eat her kills. They are perfectly in tact. So I don't think it's a hunger thing. She gets a mix of dry food some nights and pouches. (Waitrose venison and heart no less.)

She doesn't seem to be bringing them to me as gifts. She doesn't tell me she's got them. She doesn't want to give the birds up as she's having such a good time batting them about.

This is the second night in a row it's happened and it's also the second night Stu has been away. He's gone north to see his family as his sister is about to have some kind of baby. So could it be that she's not liking the change? She misses him?

It's so easy to give an animal human emotions, to say "Oh look she's worried I'll be sad so she's trying to cheer me up!" When in fact she's thinking she can take leadership of the pride since I am weakened within the social status.

I have a horrible feeling she's just doing it for fun. She loves to play and pounce on things with us and would chase string all day. A real life creature has got to be more of a fun thing to jump on than us poking a plastic bag with a stick.

At least she is actually killing them. I wouldn't enjoy having to finish them off myself.

Stu is due home on Thursday night so we'll see what happens till then.


Writer's Block: Art imitating life
Owls and Bats
Which movie would you show to aliens to represent humans and human nature?

Why lie by showing them fiction.

I'd show them a documentary about the wars in the former Yugoslavia. How friends and neighbours, who the week before had been at a barbecue together, started killing each other because of religion. About the death camps, the rape victims, the lynchings, the torture for no reason at all other than a vague feeling of "Us" and "them."

I'd show them that we need absolutely no reason to turn on them and commit the most horrific acts of violence and that they should run far away as evolution here has stopped, we are never going to be worth their while.

Have a lovely day.


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